Why This Blog

Until early 2013 I published everything I’m passionate about, i.e. living in balance and harmony, human rights, wholistic living, right work, freedom projects, etc., on my two sites  www.michaelg.ca  and  www.cesvancouver.ca

Not any more! After years of writing website articles that took weeks from initial idea to publication, I recognized the need for a new communication vehicle that would enable me to be more spontaneous and get fresh messages out there quickly without the hassle of dealing with page layout, graphics, coding, and too many re-writes.

This blog provided me with the exact vehicle I needed. Thank you WordPress!

For me, the longer I wait between initial inspiration and final published message, the greater the chance my writing will become “intellectualized” and lose its original “baraka”. So, dear readers, follow this blog and get my latest material in its purest form.

Be Well,



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