Profile: Michaelg

Work Roles: wholistic educator, visionkeeper, circles facilitator, freedom projects initiator

Vision: a world living in balance and harmony

Right Work: teaching, counselling, coaching

Teaching Gifts: the ability to recognize and name universal patterns and present complex, subtle information in easily understood ways.

Teaching Vehicles: talks, articles, online courses, counselling, personal growth circles, and freedom projects.

Missions: to help myself and others:

  • apply life’s great patterns and laws in our daily actions. (wholistic education)
  • increase our awareness and make better choices. (personal growth)
  • lead vision-driven lives and do our right work. (vision keeping)
  • exercise our rights as free human beings. (freedom projects)

I believe that the world is terribly out of balance at the moment and I welcome all opportunities to work with people who are serious about bringing balance and harmony back into their own lives as well as those of their families and communities.

Be Well and Be Prepared,


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