A lot of us are being overwhelmed these days by financial stress, dissatisfaction with our work, strains in our personal relationships, low physical energy, and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. Many of us are wondering what’s going on? Please consider this:

  • Much of the stress and pain we’re feeling is being purposely created by a small group who lack human compassion and whose sole (soul) focus is on profit and power.
  • Adding to this stress is the fact that we are passing through a great transition that’s changing every aspect of human life.

Yes, we human-beings-in-training make lots of mistakes and suffer the consequences but what’s happening in the world today goes way beyond individuals making mistakes and paying the consequences for them. Please consider this:

  • The vast majority of us are being economically, politically, socially, and energetically manipulated and these New World Order manipulations are painful to experience!
  • Even if the NWO conspiracy didn’t exist, the speed in which changes are occurring in all parts of our lives (the great transition) is disrupting our ability to remain balanced and in harmony within ourselves and with others around us.

I hope this blog will help you develop an increased awareness of what’s playing out in the world today and this new awareness leads you to better choices and right actions. Please consider this formula for meaningful change:

Increased Awareness > Better Choices > Right Actions

I’ll be adding fresh posts regularly and I welcome your thoughtful, heart-felt comments, feedback, offers of cooperation and partnership, etc.

Be Well My Friends and Be Prepared,

MG at work

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